Physiotherapy with a difference in the heart of Warragul

Designed to change the way you move

Hello there! So good to see you.

We’re the team at Progressive Physiotherapy Group (PPG) and we’re delighted to bring our own style of boutique physiotherapy and myotherapy to Gippsland.

We’re not just here to treat your pain or injury, we’re here to listen.

So, pull up a chair (no crossed legs please!) and let’s get comfortable….

Why we’re a little bit different

At PPG we offer that little bit more.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to visit us:


A warm welcome

Longer appointment times
Tailored recommendations
Advice you’ll understand: Plain English only!

Exercise plans you’ll actually use (and not just stick on your fridge door)

An answer to pain that’s been treated elsewhere but hasn’t improved
The best equipment available

How often have you felt rushed into an appointment without having the time to say everything you wanted to say? Or had an injury that gets better for a week or two, then you’re back to square one? It’s so frustrating!

We give you the time to tell us about all your niggles, not just the big, juicy ones.

The result is tailored treatment that gets to the heart of your problem.

Conditions that we treat

The PPG team treat a wide range of conditions, including:

After we‘ve had a chat we assess what’s not working quite right then start your personal treatment program. We use muscle release techniques, mobilisations, education and a tailored exercise program to reduce your pain and fix your injury.

Can’t make it to your appointment in person?

No problem!

Our Telehealth service lets you have your Physiotherapy appointment from the comfort of your own home or office. Read more about how out it all works on our Telehealth page.

‘We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to pain and injury management.’

       We specialise in treating
complex cases

Many of our patients have seen multiple medical professionals before coming to see us without ever finding a solution. Between you and me, we love those cases.

Just call us the Sherlock Holmes of the physio world because there is nothing we love more than diving in and getting to the bottom of your pain. You can read more on our Failed Rehabilitation page.

Come to class

If you want a fun way to get strong then come to one of our Rehabilitation Groups. We only take 3 – 4 patients at a time so you’re assured quality guidance and great results. Head to our booking page to book a session.

We also run Pain Education classes to help you manage a chronic condition. You can read more on our Classes page.

We’re not going to lie. Successful physiotherapy needs some input from you.
You see, we can’t do it alone. The key to rehabilitation is doing it together.


Think of it as teamwork; we’ll combine our expert advice with your commitment to strength and mobility and before you can say ‘let’s salsa’, we’ll see an improvement.

‘We’re passionate about functional physiotherapy from the top of our head to the bottom of our toes (and yes, we can reach our toes).’

let’s talk
What are you waiting for?

Let the PPG team get your pain or injury under control today. You can either call the team on 0497 111 127, or get in touch using our contact form below. We can’t wait to get you moving!

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