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Physiotherapy for teenagers

We treat teenagers differently from children and adults to make sure we’re growing healthy bodies to last a lifetime

Teenagers can suffer from growth injuries that no other age group will experience, yet very few healthcare providers offer personalised treatment for this important time.

At PPG, we treat teenagers carefully and thoughtfully to create a strong foundation for a pain-free life.

At PPG we enjoy the challenge of treating young people. A teenager will experience more change during their adolescence than at any other time in their life. It’s a time when the muscles are growing to their full capacity while the body works hard to grow a skeleton stay strong into the senior years. 

It’s really important not to ignore pain at this age as we want the body moving well as it progresses into adulthood.

Some conditions that we treat for this age group include:

  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease (knee pain)
  • Pars fractures of the spine
  • Severs Disease

In addition to physical changes, this is a time when emotions are running high, so there’s no time for pesky niggles and pain! Injuries can happen on the footy field or just from bad posture in school…and don’t get us started on phones and ipads! 

Musculoskeletal pain at this age can affect how a young adult socialises and participates in sports, so it’s important we treat pain seriously and quickly.

What do we treat?

When we treat teenagers we take everything into account; that includes lifestyle factors, sports, even how much they sleep. We’ll do a thorough assessment before looking at a treatment plan and exercises that can alleviate pain and discomfort. Our main goal will be to get the body moving correctly as quickly as possible to give it the best chance of growing into a healthy, strong frame without affecting every day life.


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