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Super Sessions to assess sports performance

Super-charge your sports performance with accurate biomechanical testing and a personalised performance program  

The only sports assessment of its kind in Gippsland and Warragul

Super Session sports assessments are for anyone who loves to move. Yes, even you! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an ultra-marathon competitor, you can learn how your body is moving now and how to improve it for optimum performance. 

We use the AxIT system (pronounced Axe-It) in our Super Sessions – the same technology used in the top clinics to assess elite athletes. We’re proud to be the only Gippsland clinic to use this specialised equipment, and all from the comfort of our Warragul clinic. Lucky you. 

The tools we use to measure your sports performance 

We firmly believe that if you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. That’s why we use the AxIT system and the MAT to accurately measure every movement your body makes. 


The AxIT system (pronounced Axe-It) was developed in Melbourne, Australia and uses the latest technology to assess your movement and strength. 

The system has a range of tools to test how hard you can push, pull and stomp through a series of movements. The data is then fed into a computer that tells us where you need to strengthen and build.

We use the Movement Assessment Tool (MAT) to measure your functional movements. It has measurements on the surface of the mat so we can visually track your body through a range of movements. We can test your mobility, strength, stability, and explosive power and height on each side of your body. It’s not a competition though (my money’s on the left side).

The movements we measure in your Super Session

In your Super Session we use the AxIT and the MAT to measure every muscle and movement in your body, including:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Isolated muscle strength testing
  • Nordic Hamstring curl 
  • Isometric mid-thigh pull
  • Jump power testing 
  • Core rotational Strength Testing 
  • Horizontal and vertical hop
  • Landing
  • Running
  • Shoulder stability
  • And so much more!

We’ll focus on an area that you want to improve, for example your lower limbs and trunk, so that you get the most out of your Super Session and see positive progress, whether that’s in your running, sport of your choice or your post-operative rehabilitation.

How we use the data from the AxIT and the MAT

Once you’ve done your movements, the AxIT equipment feeds your information into a whizzy computer to give us accurate, real-time data. From that we can see your areas of strength, weakness and imbalance, and where we need to build and mobilise your body. 

We use this data, along with the data from the MAT, to build a personalised program to improve your performance. We’ll explain what all the numbers and fancy charts mean and how we’ll use them to keep track of your progress. 

We’ll send you the performance data via email, and we can also share it with your GP, surgeon or health practitioner.

Super Sessions for sport + pre- and post- surgery

While we use the same equipment the clinics use for elite athletes, you don’t need to be a pro athlete to benefit from a Super Session. They’re great if you enjoy playing footy or netball on the weekend, like to jog around the park or if you’re training for an Ironman.

Super Sessions are also great for pre-surgery and post-surgery, they mean we can keep an eye on how your body is moving before and after your surgery, and make sure you get back to full fitness. With your permission, we can share your performance data with your GP or surgeon so they can track the success of your operation.

SUPER-califragilisticexpialidocious – get me booked in!

You can book your Super Session ONLINE now. It’s as easy as click, squat, click. 

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact the lovely Di (who’s also super) on 0497 111 127.