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We believe in a new style of Physiotherapy and we’re proud to bring it here to Warragul

The PPG team looking at each other

At Progressive Physiotherapy Group we’ve done away with the ‘take some exercises home on a scrap of paper and you’re done’ experience.

We’re here to turn traditional physiotherapy on its head and create a clinic that takes the time to listen, support and treat people like, well, people.

We’re here to help you learn, move, strengthen and function better than ever before.

Where it all began

Corinna (our Principle physiotherapist and pommy gardener) started practising physiotherapy in the UK before bringing her skills to Gippsland, Australia. Throughout her journey she always had a vision for a different type of physiotherapy experience. One that builds relationships with clients and empowers them to take control of their bodies.  

It’s all based around the idea of progression: both for patients’ injuries and for Corinna and her team to keep growing and learning. 

That’s why you’ll see the word ‘progressive’ woven into our business name and embedded in everything we do. We want you to keep moving forward.

Corinna opened the Warragul practice in September 2017 and it’s been growing ever since.

It’s like a City physio, but way more fun

PPG offers physiotherapy treatments for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, dysfunctions and pain.

But we do it all with a bit of style.

We’re a boutique physiotherapy clinic that offers longer appointments, the latest in technology, exercise programs that make sense and actually work, and a blooming great team that are great to have a yarn with.

Our clinic is warm and welcoming and there’s no awkward ‘what shall I wear?’ during sessions and classes. We explain everything you need to know and have a handy stash of comfortable training clothes to borrow if you need to.

We speak your language

When you visit PPG with pain the last thing you need is more pain! That’s why we keep technical lingo to a minimum and make sure you understand everything we’re saying. 

We promise to only speak plain, Aussie English. 

We believe exercise is the prescription

In fact, we believe so strongly in exercise rehabilitation that we decided to invest in a great app that lets you keep your personal exercise program on your phone.

No more scribbled notes stuck on the fridge and funny diagrams that make no sense. The phone app is easy to use and clearly shows you how to do each exercise. We can even track your progress on it (there’s no hiding!).

Come and say Hi

More than anything, Corinna and the team at PPG love getting to know you.



In fact, you’re not going to be a patient for long because after one session you’re going to be a friend. As well as talking all things physio we also love chatting about food, growing flowers and vegetables, places to explore, running tips…anything!

If you’d like to get in touch you can ring us on 0497 111 127 or head to our contact form. To make an appointment now just click the big button below!