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Classes at Progressive Physiotherapy Group

Take back control of your body in our fun, friendly and functional classes

Rehabilitation groups

Is your body ready to salsa ‘til dawn, skip down to the MCG or go surfing with the kids? If not, come and join a group session at Progressive Physiotherapy Group’s practice in Warragul.

Our weekly rehabilitation physio classes are the perfect way to keep oiling those muscles and reminding your body how to stand tall and move correctly. We’ll go through your tailored exercise program and make sure you’re hitting all your goals.

Before you come

These aren’t your usual physio classes. We have a maximum of 4 clients per group and they’re tailored to each and every individual. That’s why we ask you to come along for a pre-assessment before attending a session. 

During your assessment we’ll devise a personalised rehabilitation plan and make a note of it on a handy app that we can put on your phone. We’ll work through your tailored plan during the session.

What to expect during the session

Fun, movement and laughter! Well that’s how they usually go.

The sessions last for 45 minutes and are held in our clinic in Warragul where we’re lucky to have high quality equipment such as a reformer bed, trapeze, bike, treadmill and a box of fun tools, such as the wobble cushion and hurdles.

The small groups mean we’re able to work closely with you throughout the session. As the sessions are tailored to you, you might find you’re doing something completely different from your fellow attendees.

One thing that will always bring us together though…is the music! We take it in turns to choose and are happy to bust out a few song lyrics to get you smiling.

Class timetable

Let’s get moving!


Monday   5-6pm | Reformer Clinical Pilates (Dan)
Tuesday 10.30am | Exercise Rehab Group (Dan)
11.30am | 50+ Strength and Balance (Molly)
Wednesday 10.30am | Exercise Rehab Group
11.45 | Exercise Rehab Group
Thursday 10.30am | Exercise Rehab Group (Dan) 4.00pm | Clinical Pilates
Friday 10.30am | Exercise Rehab Group (Molly) 1.15pm| Group Hydrotherapy (Dan)
1.15pm | Clinical Pilates, post-partum + pregnancy (Molly)



How to book

To check availability in the Rehabilitation groups you can call the team on 0497 111 127 or head to our booking page.