Six reasons to squat

“If you want to get your peaches popping, start squattin”

Are you looking for gym inspiration or a great exercise with fantastic benefits? Well, look no further than the humble squat.

The squat is a movement where you lower your hips from a standing position, then stand back up again. You can do it with or without weight, at home or in your gym.

For the record, it definitely doesn’t look like this:

If pictures like this have been putting you off then let us explain why the super squat is one of the greatest exercises you can master.

So grab your lycra (joke!) read on and enjoy!

6 great reasons why you should squat:


1. You need to squat every day anyway!

Take a moment to think about all the times you have to squat down during the day. Those pesky weeds, picking up your child or a young family member, dropping your keys on the floor, picking up boxes from the floor. It’s quite a lot, right?

A squat is an incredibly useful exercise. By learning to squat properly you can do all these things in a safe and functional way that won’t leave you with a sore back and muscles.

Once you build your leg strength you’ll be amazed how adaptable and effective the humble squat is in your everyday life.


2. Squats improve athletic performance.

Most (maybe all!) top athletes will include squats in their exercise routine. Why? Because it’s such a great all-round exercise. Squats are particularly good to improve running speed, lower limb power, strength, jump height and distance.

So for all you long jumpers, sprinters, netballer’s, basketballer’s (the list goes on) the squat is a must-do exercise.


3. Squats and squat jumps are a great warm up for mid-distance runners

Squats aren’t just for people who want to sprint, they’re a great exercise for improving running times at any distance. They’ll help you to manage fatigue and increase your muscle activation.

They’ll even help you get up those Warragul hills!


4. Squatting is healthy for your back

How many of you suffer from niggles and pains in your back?

It’s a common problem and one that we treat regularly here at PPG. The good news is that squatting can stimulate regenerative processes’ in your intervertebral discs – that means your back will get stronger leading to less aches, pains, heat packs and painkillers.

We think that’s a pretty good pay-off!


5. Squats are great for core and lower back strength

We always talk about our core don’t we? That’s because it’s SO important! Squats will help strengthen your core muscles to keep your body stable, strong and balanced.

A strong core also helps your back. Squatting has been been shown to improve both pain and function for people with persistent lower back pain.


6. Grow your peaches

If you want to keep up with the Kardashians and get those peaches popping, start squatting.

Squats are a great hip strengthening exercise, especially for those glute muscles which make your derriere look perfectly peachy.

One great reason to squat


Sarah shows you how to squat

Squats come in all shapes and sizes as Sarah is modelling below.

Don’t get put off by pictures of people squatting with heavy weights, there are lots of different ways you can get the benefits of a squat.

Here are some examples of different squats:

Different types of squats (one - leg squat)

One foot, arms crossed. Go!

Different types of squats (using a medicine ball)

Grab your ball and bend those knees

Different type of squats (side lunge)

Slide to the left, slide to the right

Different types of squats (knee band and wall)

Lean against the wall and go low, low, low

A few extra facts

Did you know..

  • Squatting down with a bent back rather than a straight back only increases the load on your lower back by 4%?
  • Our spines can handle up to 3,500 kg of internal load during a deadlift and over 300kg of sheer force without causing any damage?! (Please don’t try this at home).

Join the Squat Squad

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Squats are an effective, safe and modifiable exercise that can be added to your exercise or rehab program.

We’ll round up our Squat Squad and show you how to get maximum effort out of your body with zero pain.

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