How CARs can help you recover from an injury

In this short blog, we explain what CARs means and how using it can help you recover from an injury.

First of all, what is CARs (we assume it’s not the film)?

Good question. “CARs” stand for Controlled Articular Rotations. It refers to an exercise where your joint makes circular motions in its end range of motion (the furthest you can reach).

So, what can CAR’s help me?

Well, we use “CARs” as a tool in our health toolbox to help improve the outer limits of your range of motion and keep your joints mobile and healthy.

Why are they so good?

Doing CARs can help you to improve mobility, strength and control through your joints.

The movement of the joint aims to stimulate articular and neurological adaptations, which improves its ability to control movement. This will help you out when you’re in pain, need some stability in your daily activity, as well your sports performance on the field.

This is different to flexibility. Joint CARs involve movement, rather than holding a static stretch to improve your range of motion. It’s more about working on your freedom of movement and reducing annoying aches and niggles that might be impacting your life.

I’m sold. So, how do I do “CARs”?

“CARs” involve circle motions. On each rotation, you should try to make the circle bigger. It’s that easy!

These rotations can be performed on your:

  • Hips and shoulder (your ball and socket joints)
  • Neck
  • Wrists
  • Thoracic
  • Ankles

CARs can help improve mobility imbalances as the rotations are performed one side at a time on both sides.

To perform CARS, we recommend focusing on one side and one joint at a time and performing 8-10 rotations in a full range of motion in each direction. You should perform them slowly, aiming to put muscles on a stretch and controlling the movement.

You can perform CARs on most days if you have no issues/pain in your joints and is a great way to get the body moving at the start of the day! You can do your CARs while the kettle boils or while you’re reading the paper. It’s so easy!

BROOM BRROOOOM – find out more

If you’d like to know more about how CARs can help you overcome a joint injury, get in touch with one of our friendly physios, Corinna or Dan.

If you’d  like to find out more on how CARs can improve your overall mobility and strength to improve performance – speak to our exercise scientist, Molly.

Either way, you should speak to Di cos she knows everything! You can call her on 0497 111 127 or hop online to get in touch.